How to Find a Manufacturing Facility

Due to globalization and the number of American factories that have declined he past few decades, it’s not always possible to find a U.S. factory that can make the type of product you How to Find a Manufacturing Facility want, he said. The next step is to decide whether you want to produce and sell the product yourself or license the idea to a company with the means and experience to handle it.

How to Find a Manufacturing Facility

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Manufacturing Facilities will only appear on planetary surfaces. They can also be found by talking to aliens in space stations or by using your Analysis Visor if they’re nearby. When you reach a Manufacturing Facility, be prepared for some combat.

Asset tracking will allow you to redirect those FTEs doing equipment management to more productive work. Even if you just reduce the time those individuals spend on repetitive or tedious tasks, you can reclaim meaningful work hours each day. Tracking all of your raw materials, products, and the equipment you use to manufacture them remains one of the single greatest challenges in manufacturing.

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Good Company Entrepreneurs and industry leaders share their best advice on how to take your company to the next level. Interacting with the terminal may have a negative or positive impact on your standing with the alien race that operates the facility. However, it is possible to, in some cases, pick a wrong answer and receive no reward, but still affect your standing with the alien faction. Each facility in a standard star system is locked by a reinforced steel door that players will have to break through.

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