Everybody loves Liz Lemon. Every person does not, however, wanna follow in her love-gone-awry footsteps. Study on Liz’s mistakes — and never pick “given up” mode, confirmed by a cat named Emily Dickinson and a wardrobe of fanny bags and baggy sweaters.

Don’t “fake it ‘til you make it.”

Liz Lemon had been intimidated by appearing excellence of the woman neighbor, Dr. Drew Baird (the uber-handsome Jon Hamm), thus she created an image she was positive would impress him. The woman scheme were unsuccessful. As he gave her a moment possibility at becoming by herself, she discovered Mr. optimal was in fact fairly dumb.

Phoebe, a single fiancée of Jack Donaghy’s, faked an Uk feature to win her way into his life and bundle of money.  They don’t make it to the altar.

Some offer breakers tend to be sensible.

Price breakers Liz must have had: Don’t go out some one if you need to shoot his girlfriend initially, you shouldn’t date some one whoever animal name individually is actually “Dummy,” abstain from white-collar attackers, and do not date your cousin. The list goes on.

If the circumstance looks ridiculous or dysfunctional, it likely is actually. It’s okay simply to walk from bad connections.


Select commitment.

The unexpected illustration of a long-lasting connection on ’30 Rock’ arises from Tracy Jordan along with his spouse of 20-some years, Angie. Yes, the actor however parties with women — it is to steadfastly keep up their hip-hop recommendations, he states — but Tracy claims tough loyalty to his partner.

Despite getting the crazier figures about tv show, Tracy had gotten the one thing right: he caught by his partner through dense and slim.

Maintain your jealousy under control.

Salma Hayek’s Elisa Pedrera was about to get married Jack Donaghy when she shared that she killed her final partner in an envious rage after the guy cheated on her. That ended things quite quickly, specially since that same envy reared its possibly homicidal head when she suspected that Jack and Liz were fooling about.

Do not hack.

Jack cheated on their ex-wife. Their brand-new spouse cheated on him. Unfaithfulness is oftentimes a vicious loop, damaged only by a conscious, resolute decision to be faithful. Healthier connections grab work — and don’t check out people away from commitment whenever instances get-tough.

Similarities attract.

Opposites may bring in for most, but Jack Donaghy decrease for Avery Jessup, the female version of themselves just who could keep him on their toes and which shared their love of witty insults. Similarly, Jenna Maroney decrease for a literal male version of by herself, cross-dressing Jenna Maroney impersonator Paul L’astname.

Get a hold of someone who offers a really love (and/or hatred) for the very same situations whenever, or whom at the very least will follow you on considerations like commitment, household, and belief.

Make sure that your marriage officiant speaks your own vocabulary.

At Jack and Avery’s marriage, Liz unintentionally wound up married after officiant puzzled this lady making use of bride. Be sure you marry the proper person.